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About Ashka


What is a Druid?

The Essence...


Walking barefoot in nature. Feeling the grass and earth under your feet. Stepping lightly. Consciously. A lovely breeze gently blowing, and feeling it across your skin. Birds singing near and far. Butterflies floating past. The sun is out and it's warm. You breathe in the fresh, flower scented air, taking in all that is our Earth. Connected to all.

An undying connection to Nature - to the Earth. Always learning from the Earth.

A forever love for the simple way of Being in true connection with One self, with the animals, and with all of nature. Authenticity to the highest degree. Being energetically sensitive, aware, and of a very high frequency.

Staying in tune with the Earth's and Moon's cycles, flowing with the ups and downs of life.

This is the essence of Druidry. It is a way of life, a way of Being.

Five Generations of Animal Wisdom...

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Here's a little about me...

I am Polish by blood, born in the foot hills of the mountains in Austria, and now living in the beautiful and wild Snowy Mountains in Australia with my two horses, 2 cats and dog.

I have been communicating with animals since I was a young child, with my natural born abilities being authentically developed under the guidance of my mother and her forebears. Being a 5th generation Polish druid, my connection to animals and the Earth is very strong, and innately recognised by animals both domestic and wild. This, along with my very sensitive intuitive abilities provides accurate information to my clients.

I follow a Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith, found on the Home page.

Apart from practicing Animal Communication for the most part of my life, I am also a Reiki practitioner, Crystal Healing Therapist, Meditation Guide, and qualified Equine Veterinary Nurse.

Ashka Animal Communicator
Ashka Animal Communicator
Ashka Animal Communicator

"Silence is the

Absolute Poise

or Balance of

Body, Mind and Spirit."



What is Reiki and Energy Healing?


Reiki is a simple, natural and very safe method of energy healing.

Reiki is different to other modalities in the way that it heals on ALL levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The word Reiki  is Japanese and has two parts. "Rei" means "Gods wisdom" or "Higher power", and "ki" means "life force energy".

Reiki is a very powerful, yet very gentle, and goes to where it is needed. A qualified Reiki practitioner is able to "tune in" to the Universal life force energy, becoming a conduit, and guiding the energy to where it is needed. It can be used to heal any living Being, including plants.

Animals benefit greatly from regular Reiki healing sessions. It helps them to relax on all levels, to deal with issues going on with their physical and spiritual bodies, and to heal.

Energy Healing uses energy from the Earth to bring about balance, cleansing, and healing within the body. One can get access to this energy when walking bare footed upon the Earth, however, animals who cannot go outside miss out on this natural healing energy. An Earth Energy healer can tune in to these energies and provide healing energy for the animal. Animals find this energy very relaxing, and will often lay down in the presence of the conduit to absorb as much as they can.

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