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I am very passionate about, and absolutely love what I do! Here's what a few people have to say about my services...


   "Ashka has done several animal communications with my cat Leila. I always wondered about a few things hat Leila does, in particular the reason for her fear of storms. Ashka managed to find out everything I wanted to know, and why Leila was afraid of storms, as well as where the fear stemmed from. She was an RSPCA kitten so hadn't had the best start to life.I am very thankful and grateful for Ashka's services, and can easily see her amazing connection to animals.Her energy and presence is strong yet light. Just lovely."


Mira S. Sopot, Poland.

   "I had a consultation with Ashka - Animal Communicator recently and wow! I was a real skeptic prior, but after she relayed information to me that she possibly could not have known, I was convinced! What a gift! I would definitely get Ashka back for future consultations. She has opened up a whole new world that was previously unknown to me.

John G. Sydney, Australia

   "Ashka was a student of mine in Reiki and I also now consider her a friend. Ashka has the most amazing way with Animals and is very connected to them on various levels. She works intuitively and is guided by her Higher Self to communicate with them. Ashka has a natural healing ability and connects to animals through her healing touch and with claircognizance. She is a Earth guardian and especially an Animal guide and protector. 

I know Ashka would be a wonderful animal messenger and communicator to assist both the animal and the owners."

Nicki Corcoran

Psychic Healer and Teacher

The Cosmic Earth Academy

QLD, Australia

   "Ashka is amazing at what she does, it helped me and my horse so much, she was gentle with him and everything she came up with made sense and helped me to develop a better understanding of how my horse was feeling. I would absolutely 100% recommend her for anyone who wants a reading."

Hayley M. Sydney, Australia

   "Ashka has helped solve some issues when I was stuck at a dead end. Probably the biggest revelation was an ill fitting saddle (despite having it professionally fitted). I changed the saddle and things improved a great deal. If you find yourself searching for answers when every mainstream approach has failed, this might be the solution you've been looking for."

Sonia H. Central Coast NSW, Australia

   "Ashka is very talented, intuitive and has abilities above and beyond our comprehension. Highly recommend her services."

Peter H. QLD, Australia

   "The animal communication session had an undeniable impact on my horse. As soon as Ashka began to communicate he relaxed immediately, exhaled and began to lick, chew and yawn. The reading was incredibly accurate and perfectly matched his personality. All of my questions were answered. Ashka was even able to tell me the things he liked and didn't like and the reason he wouldn't eat his hard feed. I changed a few things based o my horses requests and all the little issues disappeared! Amazing experience. Would highly recommend."

Livi B. Central Coast, NSW Australia

   "Ashka is a brilliant animal reiki healer and communicator who came to do a session on my dog, who enjoyed it, asking for more. Then did a couple of distant healing and communication sessions to see what was going on further with her. I'd ask Ashka for another session any time and think my dog needs it."

Vivi L. QLD Australia

   "Ashka did a communication consult with my Russian blue cat recently, and wow! All my questions were answered, log standing health issues have been explained, (I have a VERY fussy cat), and I now feel like I understand my beautiful boy better. Our connection has improved ten fold, thank you Ashka! Your ability is amazing, and you have given me a wonderful insight into a whole new world."

Gosia S. Poland

   "My animal communication session with Ashka was truly an eye opening experience fo me! She gave me a deep insight into the thoughts and feelings of my German shepherd dog, and we found out why he doesn't eat most of his food. I now know what he does like to eat, and now he is happier ad healthier. Ashka has answered my questions on how Ramek feels about his life and current routine. What a wonderful gift Ashka has. She is a lovely person with amazing energy. Thank you Ashka!"

Annika B. Berlin, Germany

   "Eye opening! Ashka did a communication consultation with my pet rabbit a little while ago, and to say I am amazed is an understatement! All my questions were answered, and issues addressed with my lovely Billie. I found out why she was thumping her feet and making a racket at a particular time EVERY DAY! This had been going on for a long time, so I finally decided to contact Ashka. We not only found out WHY Billie did this, but I have also now been able to et her to stop doing this. There was a simple reason, and thanks to Ashka, I now know why. Billie is much happier, and so am I.

Thank you!!"

Stephen B. UK

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